Is the Nintendo Wii the ultimate gaming platform

The Nintendo Wii is one of the most modern and best sold gaming platforms in the world featuring a revolutionary Wii Remote which makes it possible to take interaction with the gaming environment to the next level. If choosing a fighting game or just a simple tennis match, the Nintendo Wii designers guarantee a lot of fun and a unique gaming experience but with a lot of competitors on the market such as the XBOX, the Wii seems to be fighting a big battle.

As to consider all aspecta, one should take into account the fact that the Wii type of interaction with the player is unique within the gaming console world and that in the moment it has been released this simple white box and remote was one of the most advanced on the market. Although the XBOX has managed to gain terrain on the Nintendo Wii it is still behind since the manufacturer and third party stores advertise and sell a multitude of Wii accessories which can be found basically everywhere.

This being said, the Wii comes with just its remote that can be used for simple interacting games such as tennis or simple fighting game but for playing car games to their full potential one has to acquire an extra wheel shaped remote that enables all car control characteristics but is somewhat a minus for the Wii since beside the price of the game there is still an extra $20 on the price tag of the console.

Furthermore, one could find good Nintendo Wii deals not only online but also in local stores which could cut off a lot of the price tag or just add some extra components in the package which are not normally included and this is an extra remote or the steering wheel. Added to this, Cyber Monday could also be a good event to go searching for the Wii due to the fact that Nintendo along with other companies offer substantial price reductions on Cyber Monday on the grounds that the holiday season is coming up and sales will be over the roof. Also, good bargains can be found on late November during Black Friday sales period, which is known for mostly offline offers, but also grew online in these last years.

In conclusion, even if having in mind the Wii or choosing the XBOX the buyer should also consider looking for good deals on consoles along with making the most of Cyber Monday of Black Friday, days when the normal Nintendo Wii package sometimes comes at 70% its normal price.