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Products Review of the Sqweel Cliorial Stimulator

The Sqweel is an oral stimulator with a rotating wheel with ten pink silicone tongues. The tongues lap and they turn on the wheel. The Sqweel has three controllable speeds of rotation so it can lap at a speed that will suit you.

The Squeel was sent out to three independent sex toy testers to play with, with their partners and to put the Sqweel thought its paces. The review below is just one of the reviews of the Sqweel Oral Stimulator. .

Sqweel Reviewed by Southern Kiss
What was your first impression of the item sent to you? – The look and feel of it and your assumptions of how it was going to perform?
When the product arrived we were well impressed with the packaging it has it had an exciting descriptive sleeve over the top of the branded tin case. The product itself looked really upmarket and fun

What was the item like in action?
Sqweel was great fun to use the many small tongues were soft and flexible so felt immense the shape of it more or less cupped my clit so delivered maximum pleasure to that area

Did the item make you feel sexy?
The toy was a big hit, for me clit stimulation is a must to achieve orgasm and this definitely delivered it while in action it is so quiet
The 3 speeds are great too for me; they just decided how fast I came.

What reaction did the item achieve – personally to you or with other parties?
I have showed this item to many of my friends and a few have brought it like me they were impressed with the performance and the simple clean way that it comes apart for easy upkeep

Any other comments?
This product really has been thought out well when designed and it really does show

How could this item be improved?
If there ever was going to be a sqweel 2 it would be great if the tongues were slightly bigger and more floppy that would make it feel more realistic

Would you recommend this item to a friend?
Yes already have

Do you have any hot tips for usage with this item?
Make sure you lube the toy up well the wetter it is the better it slips over the clit the orgasm is great if u have it on high then when your just about to come move it down to low

What rating would you give this item out of 5?

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