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Auto Parts Halifax

Might Auto has the best auto parts in Halifax

Winner of the Consumers Choice Award, Mighty Auto provides the best auto parts in Halifax. With quality product and efficient service this Company has the auto parts you require. Service is all about you that is the motto of the friendly professionals at Mighty Auto.

Mighty Auto is the largest independent repair group in Atlantic Canada. With experience in the industry the Company has gained the reputation for providing the best auto parts in Halifax. At Mighty Auto they provide high quality auto parts for an incredible value. A locally owned and operated business this Company is committed to clients providing knowledgeable and friendly staff to direct you in your purchase. With a vast selection of quality inventory including the best auto parts in Halifax Mighty Auto has the part you need. In addition to quality parts the Company also provides service such as their award-winning auto repair. Dedication to providing quality parts to valued clients is what has earned Mighty Auto the Consumers Choice Award for the best auto parts in Halifax.

The Consumers Choice Awards use Consumers opinion to determine the Companies that consistently provide a superior level of service such as Mighty Auto who provide the best auto parts in Halifax. Consumer opinion is determined through the use of an elite study that questions the public in multiple surveys that receive mass response in order to validate the results. Consumers are first asked to name the Companies that have shown superior conduct such as the best place for auto parts in Halifax. A large volume of response is received and condensed to a list of the top five Companies in each category, the list is then distributed for a public vote and majority vote is used to determine the recipients of the award. This prestigious award is hard earned, as Companies must compete to provide the ultimate in product and service unmatched by the competitor. Companies competing to provide pleasurable conduct creates a more prosperous business economy. In their recognition of business excellence and by allowing Consumers a voice, the Consumers Choice Awards performs a valuable service for communities throughout North America. So if you are seeking auto parts trust the Company thats community favored and visit the home of the best auto parts in Halifax and honored with the Consumers Choice Award, Mighty Auto.

Congratulations to Mighty Auto for their recent recognition as providing the best auto parts in Halifax an honor made possible by the Consumers Choice Awards in their continual quest to promote business excellence. For the best auto parts in Halifax visit Mighty Auto located on 6437 Lady Hammond Road, or call (902) 453-1899 to speak with an award winning service representative. If you are looking for the store to provide the right part Mighty Auto is the place to start.

Ford Ranger Pickup Truck

The Ford Ranger is a 1 ton pickup truck also sold as the Mazda BT-50; it is designed and built in North America. The 2011 model which is due for release later in the year, it has been designed and will be built by Ford of Australia. The Ranger is available as a Single Cab, RAP (Rear Access Panel) Cab and Double Cab.

With its rugged, masculine looks and its commanding presence, the Ford Ranger has been designed to be equally at home on town roads as well as country tracks. Whether used for work or pleasure, the Ranger is tough, resilient and reliable and has been built to take on the most difficult challenges both on and off-road.

The Ford Ranger is available with a choice of two diesel engines, a 2.5 litre four cylinder with 141bhp and a 3.0 litre TDCi with 154bhp. The larger diesel engine is only available with the top of the range twin cab model. The large diesel engines provide plenty of torque to lug around heavy loads, even the smaller diesel has 243lb ft of pulling muscle.

Like all pickup trucks the Ford Ranger is designed to be a working car, therefore unlike modern luxury 4×4 SUVs like the BMW X5 the Ranger feels more crude and basic. The ride for example has been designed to pull and carry heavy loads rather than offer maximum comfort for its passengers. Feedback from the wheels is decent and the grip level is ok too.

The large diesel engines in the Ranger are by no means as quiet as the ones seen in modern day diesel saloon cars but compared to other pickup trucks the Rangers engine are quiet and smooth. Road noise has been kept to a minimum in the cabin but, due to its square body shop the Ranger does create a lot of wind noise.