How to Win Cash 3 Lotto Pick 3 Lottery Tips

In the pick-3 lottery game, in order to win, you have to get three numbers that fall within the numeric range of 0 through 9. There are three different combination’s of numbers in this game. You can have single combos, double combos or triple combos. In this article we are going to discuss how to generate a pick-3 lottery wheel.

The majority of winning combination’s in the pick-3 lottery wheel are single combination numbers. That means that in each winning combination’s of numbers, that each digit is unique. In the wheels that we will discuss, we will talk about helping you to get either a single combination or a double combination.

There are 2 different ways to wheel numbers so that we will get single combination’s of numbers.

A. Wheel 4 numbers – this will generate 4 single combination’s – you will get 3 out of 3 numbers right if all 3 winning numbers are drawn out of your total 4 numbers

In order to generate these numbers, you have to create a chart. The chart will have 6 columns. In the leftmost column top row you will type in the words “enter 4 wheel #s”. To the right of that you will have 4 columns that you will enter a single digit. Continuing to go across you have the last column in the row that says final combo. Going to the 2nd row, all the columns are blank. The next row you will enter Combo #1, next row down, Combo #2, next row down, Combo #3, last row down, Combo #4. You then fill out the combo in each row based on the chart and then you end up with your final combination’s.

Let’s look at an example to see what this looks like.

Enter 4 #’s – 5 7 4 2 Final Combo

Combo 1 – X 7 4 2 742

Combo 2 – 5 X 4 2 542

Combo 3 – 5 7 X 2 572

Combo 4 – 5 7 4 X 574

Notice that where there is an X, that you don’t bring any numbers down in that row and column. Now that you have 4 combination’s, that you play each number. This is how you wheel 4 numbers to get 4 single combination’s in the pick 3 lottery wheel.