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All You Need to Know About Alloy Wheels

All kind of cars are useless if they dont have wheels to be able to move around. Although some people might not find wheels as points of immediate attention, their use cannot be something to disregard. As a matter of fact, a cars wheel and rim is always a priority for car manufacturers. To some extent, wheels can even be considered as the main and most important part of automobiles.

The obvious importance of wheels to vehicles has brought people to find ways by which they could improve them. After many experiments and studies, car manufacturers have began to offer different kind of wheels that will let vehicles have the support they need. One of the innovations that were introduced was alloy wheels.

What are alloy wheels? Although its name suggests an affiliation to the element aluminum, alloy wheels are actually made out of the mixture of aluminum and another element, magnesium. In some cases, the alloy of either of the said elements is enough to create alloy wheels.

Wheels made of alloy do not really have a different appearance. During its introduction to the market, the distinctive quality of alloy wheels mostly lies in the items performance. However, due to the development of technologies and the drivers tastes, alloy wheels can now be easily identified because of their eye-catching designs.

What are the advantages of having alloy wheels? Like all other kind of innovations, alloy wheels were made to suit or improve functionality. Here are some of the common descriptions that drivers provide when they hear alloy wheels:

lighter Because alloy wheels are made of unconventional metals, they are always lighter. This gives the driver the chance to feel unusually free when they drive their vehicles.

smoother Because alloy wheels are lighter, steering and braking are also made smoother and quicker. Most factory-fitted wheels do not provide drivers with such a feature.

unbreakable Alloy wheels are considered to be more durable. As a matter of fact, the lifespan of alloy wheels are considered to be longer than that of ordinary ones. In fact, drivers who use alloy wheels have observed that this kind of wheels is very resistant to tears and breakage that ordinary rims get in periods of time.

unique Alloy wheels are priced higher than ordinary wheels. This may be due to the fact they are stronger and more reliable than their predecessors. For this reason, you will have the benefit of having an uncommon wheel rim that will give you your kind of style.

better with tubeless With cars that have tubeless tires, alloy wheels are the must-have partner. Such a feature will let you explore any kind of wheels for your loved ride.

variety Alloy wheels are almost always creatively designed. It is for this reason that you can find designs that depends on your cars design theme. The availability of choices will also provide you with the chance to change and update your cars look whenever you feel like doing so.

Selling Car Parts On Ebay, A Simple Start Up Part 2

Where Do You Obtain Your Stock?

The local press will always have adverts for old cars, test failures and spares or repairs, so that is the best place to start. You will also need to transport the vehicle to your premises.

You can also look on eBay to see what is available that can be broken up. There is plenty of turnover on the site so if you are looking for a particular type of vehicle then keep checking back every day or so and you will soon find one.

Before You Start!!

Before you look forward to a weekend of stripping every part from the car, it doesn’t work like that. You will be wasting your time and presenting yourself with a storage problem. Strip the part when you sell it. Don’t do unnecessary work.

Essential Items
Socket set.
Spanner set.
Screw driver set.
Car Jack/Trolley Jack
Axel Stands

What Parts Can You Sell?

We want to make this business as easy as possible to run, so selling complete engines is a no no, so are other large and weighty parts. The logistics in removing and storing as well as the specialist tools required make this out of our price range. It maybe that we can go down this route later if we find it is the right business for us but for the moment. Let’s make it as easy as possible.

Parts you can sell may be all or some of the following:
Alloy wheels, it goes without saying that you can get a premium price for these, just make sure you have a set or can get hold of a set of steel wheels for when the car is towed away.
Trim panels/parts/mirrors/lights/radiator/distributer/water pump/oil pump/fuel pump/pipe work/brake calipers/track rods/anti roll bar/instruments/glass.
Anything else that can be easily removed and shipped.

When you have removed all the parts at one time or as you sell them, clean them up before reselling and sell the rest of the vehicle to the scrap merchant. Advertise the parts for sale.